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What We do

We help small business owners and self-employed people do more of what they love by doing what we do best. . And we guarantee 100% accuracy in our taxes, bookkeeping and payroll.

Accounting Services

Accounting is most helpful when it produces information that can be used to make decisions and thus help the business grow. Accounting starts from recording of financial transactions to preparing reports that can be interpreted in order to understand the business and plan for the future. We make sure that we give our clients numbers that speak’ by designing and implementing an accounting system that is complete, accurate, and efficient.


Tax Services

Taxes have a great impact on businesses and if not managed well, it may result in the collapse of a business.  Taxes affect cash flows and what owners of a business take home. The most effective and productive way of managing taxes is full compliance to the law. The law provides avenues for tax planning (minimizing taxes to be paid) but this can only be taken advantage of when there is full knowledge of the law.  


Business Services

We offer value by consolidating select business services into a one-stop shop in order to offer convenience to our clients. Do you need a business plan? Do you want to register a business? Do you need a Business strategic plan? We offer such services and the value we guarantee you- Sound advice and customized solutions.

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Bridgepoint Financials has the right small business professionals for your business. Our knowledgeable account managers are smart and savvy. And they’re ready to help you and your business succeed.